DigComm - Jan 2016

Week 11: Course Wrap-Up and Case Study



So I know I wrote last week’s blog post with a depressing air of finality, but I Just couldn’t let you guys not see the fruits of my labor.

For the past six weeks, each of us taking Intro to Dig Comm has been working on a case study. We got to pick our own topics, so every presentation that was given last night (during our last class – sob!) was insanely interesting. When people research a topic they’re passionate about, the interest shows, and this project gave us a lot of freedom to look into some really cool things.

Basically, what we had to do was pick a company or brand who used digital media in an interesting way, and explain how and why the campaign worked. Some of my favorite presentations were about Disney, Marvel, and Coca-Cola – name brands we interact with every day, who are leading in innovation and changing the digital media game as we know it.

But my project was a little different. Rather than analyze an entire company who upped their social media presence over the course of a few campaigns, I decided to try something else. For my case study, I looked at the 2016 film Deadpool, which, as you might have heard, raked in over $600 million dollars so far despite having a budget of just $58 million – a budget that Ryan Reynolds himself, the star, quipped was usually just the ‘cocaine budget’ for other Superhero films.

Deadpool smashed records nationwide, even breaking 50 Shades of Grey’s box office opening weekend record. For 20th Century Fox and Marvel, it was a winner from the moment it premiered, and they didn’t even have to spend millions of dollars on flashy trailers and expensive TV commercial spots to make it happen.

So how did they make it happen? Innovative social media marketing and viral content creation.

In my paper, I analyze the campaign used to sell Deadpool to consumers in a way that’s meant to be neutral but probably comes off as more praising – I really, really, really loved the film, okay?

Here’s a link to my paper. If you haven’t seen the film, GO SEE IT NOW. Hopefully my case study will still interest you if you haven’t, but I promise you won’t regret it.


As for the semester’s end, I don’t think there’s anything more I can say that I didn’t squeeze into my blog last week or tweet about, but, just because I don’t think it can be said enough: I had a great time in class this semester. To date, Intro to Dig Comm has been one of the best classes I’ve taken (undergrad included, since it’s my first grad school class!).

This course has been such a great start to my graduate school experience. I can’t wait to finally meet everyone at the Immersion on Friday (and I’m sorry for rushing through my presentation. I was really excited).